Hamas PM’s brother-in-law treated in Israeli hospital


Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Hanieyeh’s brother-in-law was rushed to a hospital in Peta Tikvah, in Israel for urgent heart treatment four months ago, reported Ynet News website on Wednesday.

Suhila Abed el-Salam Ahmed Haniyeh’s husband suffered a serious cardiac episode, which could not be treated at any Gaza hospital. The couple had the option of going to a more advanced medical center in Egypt but chose to go to the Israeli hospital instead.

Before going, the couple had to file a request to travel to receive the necessary medical treatment with Israeli authorities. After being granted permission, a Palestinian ambulance took the husband along with his wife to the Erez Crossing, where he was moved into an Israeli Magen David Adom ambulance and taken to Beilinson Hospital in Peta Tikvah.

The husband stayed at the hospital with his wife for about a week before his condition stabilized, after which the couple returned to Gaza.

Israel has treated other Palestinians in the past, the most recent example being from this March, when a 15-year-old boy was taken to an Israeli hospital after receiving severe burns and shrapnel injuries.

A report was released in March by Israel’s Civil Administration announcing that 115,000 Palestinians were treated in Israel in 2011, a rise from the previous year by 13 percent according to The Jewish Press news website. Over 100 Palestinian doctors were trained at Israeli hospitals and five organ transplants took place in Israel to save the lives of Palestinian patients.

“Every year more patients are sent to Israeli hospitals,” Dalia Bassa, Civil Administration Health Coordinator told The Jewish Press website.

The sister and brother-in-law of Ismail al-Haniyeh were no exception to this Israeli government policy of treating medical cases, reported The Jewish Press website.

Meanwhile on Monday, Ismail Hanieyh led a mass prayer session outside the Egyptian embassy to express solidarity for the 16 Egyptian soldiers that were killed the in the weekend’s terror attack. He went on to accuse Israel of organizing the attack reported Ynet News website.