Simple savers: How to spend wisely on your wedding

Here are eight really ways to save on your wedding day, without having to sacrifice style

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We all know that hosting a wedding can be expensive, couples may find themselves asking for a helping hand.

No matter how much your budget is, you don’t have to resort to a DIY design (unless you are adding a personal touch to your wedding) here are eight really ways to save on your wedding day, without having to sacrifice style.


Follow the Rule of 3, choose three important aspects of the wedding (i.e. Dress, Makeup, Flowers), which you will allocate extra money to spend on. Then choose three less important aspects (by less I mean ones that fall low on your priority list i.e. invitations, table linens, place cards) and budget accordingly.

Guest list

This one is a tough cookie to tackle! Unfortunately cutting down on the guest list is one of the most effective ways to lower your spend. You must take into consideration the type of wedding you are hosting, then go through your guest list with your partner and try to cross out guests that you haven’t spoken to, or met. You can also cut out guests under the age of 12, making it an adult-only event, this may lower your guests list as some parents may not be able to attend. Reconsider plus-ones, you don’t have to invite a friend’s significant other if they have been dating for under a year.

Limit unnecessary items

Sometimes we can get slightly carried away with luxury pricey items that we don’t really need at a wedding, for example an ice sculpture, or you might be inspired by Kimye’s wall of roses.

Invest in items/services that will make a difference at your wedding i.e. photography, the DJ, and food. Before agreeing to add anything pricey on your list ask yourself: “Will anyone notice if we don’t do this?”


It is customary to send wedding invitations, there are simple ways in which you can cut printing costs, consider using one color font, print on one side of the card, or cut the cost of RSVP cards by printing an email address for guests to send their RSVPs too. Feeling less traditional? Cut the cost of invitations all in all by creating a wedding website.


A majority of your spend is going towards flowers on your wedding day, therefore it’s best to consider the season in which you are getting married, and ask your florist for a list of flowers within that season. You will be surprised how much you can save by changing the type of flower.

A la carte

Simplify your menu, speak to your caterer and have them offer you an alternative budget friendly menu, where you will not sacrifice on taste but on cost. It’s just like flowers, stick to local and seasonal ingredients. You may also find that a buffet meal is cheaper than a sit down, consider all your options before deciding.

Cake cake cake

If you are having a dessert bar, then you can reduce the size of your cake, and vice versa. For decoration consider icing rather than real flowers, and try to stay away from tiers, swap your fondant with buttercream - its much less expensive.


If you are renting a car, or bus to transport your guests or yourself to the venue, consider different options that could help lower or cut your costs.

This article was first published on the A Touch of White blog.

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