Houthi attempt to smuggle missiles between Aden, Sanaa foiled

A Houthi fighter holds a rocket-propelled grenade (RPG) as he rides on the back of a patrol truck in Sanaa March 6, 2015. (File photo: Reuters)

An attempt to smuggle missiles and weapons by Houthi militias between Aden and Sanaa were foiled despite a United Nations and international treaty ban.

Weapons used by Houthi militias are usually smuggled by sea and come from Iranian sources, but those captured on Monday were on land from Aden on its way to Sanaa.

Yemeni Popular Resistance forces were able to stop a truck-load of weapons – including rockets – in the city of Hubail al-Reed in Lahij province.

This comes on the same day as Yemen’s army and resistance forces quickly advanced toward Saada after gaining control of several strategic areas nearby.

Factions from the army and resistance forces were able to regain control on Monday the command center of Brigade 101, the al-Thar and Habsh mountains.

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