PICTURED: Ali Abdullah Saleh’s death note, handwritten ‘a day before his murder’

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These pictures purportedly show the death note of slain Yemeni ex-President Ali Abdullah Saleh, believed to be handwritten by him a day before he was killed by Houthi militiamen in Sanaa last week.

The images are being circulated by prominent Yemeni activists and show Saleh’s signature beneath the text.


While Al Arabiya English cannot independently verify the authenticity of the note, Tariq al-Awadi, the brother of a high-ranking official of Saleh’s political party – the General People’s Congress – confirmed that he had received the handwritten message from one of Saleh’s relatives, without revealing a name.

وصية صالح
وصية صالح

It was also shared on Twitter by Sam al-Ghabari, a Yemeni journalist close to the late Yemeni president.

The death note dates back to December 3, just one day before the former president was killed.

It urges the Yemeni people to continue fighting against the Houthi militia, with whom he was once allied to but recently had switch sides and fought against.

It reads: “If you find this paper, know that our homeland is valuable and we will never not treasure it.

“My wish is for my children and my people to not surrender to these criminal militias (Houthis) and to not handover the Republican of Yemen to them. I wish you become a nightmare that beats their sleep.

“At this moment, I see myself among the many traitors who sold Yemen for a low price. Greetings to you, the great Yemeni people, may we meet in the highest paradise."

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