Here’s what 2nd gathering of the largest Iran opposition coalition in Germany achieved

Shima Silavi

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On July 14, the Council of Iranian Democrats, the largest coalition of Iranian political opposition held its second conference in Cologne, Germany.

The council is a coalition of political organizations that includes; Iranian Democratic Front, the Iranian Kurdistan Party, the Democratic Solidarity Party of Al-Ahwaz, the Azerbaijani Cultural and Political Center, the Kurdistan Democratic Party, the Baluchistan People’s Party, the Turkmen Political Cultural Center, the United Front of Baluchistan and the Bakhtiari and Luristan Federation, as well as a number of trade unions, civil society activists and independent political figures.

Leaders of the Council expressed their views in separate interviews with Al-Arabiya on the objectives behind the second conference and the mechanisms developed for a peaceful and non-violent transition in Iran.

The Council proposed a democratic, decentralized federalism in Iran in which the right of all ethnic and religious minorities is respected. It believes that the only way to avoid concentration of power is its division among all Iranians regardless of gender, ethnicity and religion.

The Council believes that no single party, or organization, can single-handedly claim they are able to topple the regime. They announced solidarity and willingness to cooperate with all the Iranian opposition groups from the entire spectrum left to right.

The architects of the coalition believe in three main axes: the Universal Declaration of Human rights, democracy and the separation of the institutions of religion and state.

Final resolutions

The following is the final resolution of the Council of Iranian Democrats a copy of which was shared with Alarabiya:

The Council of Iranian Democrats, by holding its second conference, has taken another major step towards the achievement of freedom, social justice and the establishment of democracy in Iran. The Council, which consists of all parties and organizations belonging to the Iranian nationalities and ethnic groups (Baluch, Arab, Kurd, Turk, Turkemen, Lurs, Persians), has indeed carried out a historic action with its alliance.

Its purpose is to deny any tyranny in Iran and to create the appropriate political, economic and cultural freedoms and to provide appropriate social conditions for the peaceful living of the peoples of Iran.

The council of Iranian democrats second conference setting its goal to the most basic problems of the opposition, namely, unity incoherence and lack of solidarity among them – thus enabling dialogue and coordination among all major opposition groups and the stakeholders towards achieving its goals.

Common ground

By convening the conference of the Council of Iranian Democrats, the parties sought a common ground, as well as practical and achievable objectives and strategies, as follows:

1. The conference has addressed and responded to the essential needs of the time which is unity and solidarity between the opposition forces and to make preparations for further works in the field.

2. It was unanimously agreed upon that the Islamic Republic is a corrupt regime that operates against the interests of all Iranian nationalities, essentially being a national security risk to the peoples of Iran – hence it must be removed. The Iranian peoples who call for democracy are all united in the demand of removing the government that is currently standing in their country.

3. The removal of the Islamic Republic will be achieved by the peoples of Iran through their political activism, such as protests, with the support of the Council of Iranian Democrats in cooperating and creating solidarity between all other opposition groups inside and abroad.

4. It is emphasized that the establishment of democracy and social justice in a country that is as diverse as Iran would inevitably involve unity and solidarity of the opposition forces and an inclusive approach covering all, regardless of their cultural, religious and ethnic differences.

5. Formation of a democratic alternative will be an important stepping stone in changing the Islamic Republic and will be pivotal in the planning process immediately after the removal of the Islamic Republic in Iran.

6. The conference criticized the European Union, in particular Germany, Britain and France, for its support of the Islamic Republic, and called upon these countries to put an end to their cooperation with the despotic Islamic Republic and instead address the demands of the oppressed people of Iran and their long-term interests.