Palestinians create art from Israeli weaponry

Israeli weapons have been turned art owing to the Palestinian activists' creativity

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Two Palestinian activists have used the remains of Israeli ammunition and weapons used to oppress Palestinian protests to design 3D art pieces and display them at an exhibition in Ramallah.

The exhibition, named "Chic-Art-Resistance," first opened on Dec. 9 in the Mahmoud Darwish Museum and it was organized by Sami Musa and Mohammed Khatib.

Israeli weapons have been turned art owing to the activists' creativity.

Khatib and Musa had collected the remains of barbed wires, parts of the Israeli separation wall, remains of ammunition used to suppress protests, tools used by protesters to defend themselves and remains of tools used by journalists on field to develop the 3D art pieces.

Commenting on the exhibition in an interview with Al Arabiya News Channel, Khatib said the aim of the exhibition was to integrate resistance with art.

"We came up with these art pieces which express (our) daily suffering. (We've) turned tools of murder used by the Israeli occupation against us into tools granting hope in life, liberation and independence. (We hope this art) stimulates all people to get engaged in popular resistance," Khatib said.

Mustapha al-Barghouti, general secretary of the Palestine National Initiative, also commented on the exhibition and told Al Arabiya: "(This) amazing expressionist art which is using Israeli weapons used to suppress us is a (significant) form of civilized resistance."

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