Al Arabiya reveals how Abu Nidal had representatives in Europe

"Austria was the first European country to have a secret representative of Abu Nidal’s group on its territory"

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In the fourth episode of a series of interviews with former Palestinian ambassador Atif Abu Bakr, he outlines various operations undertaken by “Fatah- The Revolutionary Council” organization presided by Sabri al-Banna (Abu Nidal) inside France and specifically Paris.

Several people were killed and others injured during the attacks, forcing the French Intelligence Services to establish contact with Abu Nidal and start negotiations to end to his operations across the French territory.

In 1982 many restaurants and shops were targeted in Paris and in 1978 the representative of the PLO in France, Ezeddine Qalaq was assassinated. Then, the Emirati ambassador in Paris, Khalifa Ahmad Mubarak, was killed in 1984 when he was shot by one of Abu Nidal’s men.

According to Abu Bakr, these operations and the ones that happened earlier, caused the French to negotiate with Abu Nidal, and initiated relations with the latter.

They watched closely members of “Fatah - the Revolutionary Council,” while many obtained scholarships in Paris. Meanwhile a secret representative of the organization was present in France playing the role of a focal point between the two parties. This relation continued until 1992.

“The ties with Paris were not the first in Europe”, says Atif Abu Bakr to the “political memoirs” program.

He said Austria was the first European country to have a secret representative of Abu Nidal’s group on its territory.

This step had been taken after “Fatah - the Revolutionary Council” targeted a hotel in Austria. Later an Austrian security delegation visited the Iraqi capital Baghdad, and met with Abu Nidal.

They agreed on several security arrangements in 1983.

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