Hajj 2013: Ka’aba cover to be changed as per annual tradition

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The Kiswa, or cover, of Islam’s most revered structure, the Ka’aba in Makkah, will be changed on Monday as per the yearly tradition, an official of the General Presidency of the Affairs of the Two Holy Mosques announced, according to the Saudi Gazette.

The Kiswa covers the Ka’aba for the duration of the pilgrimage season, it weighs approximately 670 kilograms and is made of pure silk dyed in black and padded with white cotton fabric.

Quranic verses are embroidered on the Kiswa, in threads of pure gold.

The Director General of the Kiswa Factory in Makkah, Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Pajudeh, told the Saudi Gazette that more than 240 workers and employees worked to create the Kiswa this year.

The cost of making the Kiswa annually amounts to more than 22 million Saudi Rials.

Pajudeh also said that 700 kilograms of silk and 120 kilograms of silver and gold wires are used in the making of the Kiswa.

In 1927, Saudi King Abdul Aziz ordered the establishment of a factory dedicated to manufacturing the Kiswa in Makkah.

This factory has witnessed a series of upgrades in order for the Kiswa to be of the best quality and shape.

As part of the hajj pilgrimage, pilgrims circle the Ka’aba, at the center of the Holy Mosque. Muslims venerate the Ka’aba as they believe it was first built by Prophet Abraham and his son Ismail to worship One God.

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