Women’s ‘Sisi pajamas’ hit the Egyptian market

“Sisi dates,” “C-C cookies” and “Sisi chocolates” previously appeared in Egypt as part of a ‘brand Sisi’ campaign

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After Sisi dates, C-C cookies, and Sisi sandwiches, a new product has hit the markets in Egypt, this time to highlight women’s enchantment with the army general who ousted Islamist President Mohammad Muri.

The women’s “Sisi Pajama” bears the picture of the military strongman with the words “thank you” written in the back, Egypt’s independent al-Masry al-Youm newspaper reported on Friday.

A picture of the pajama was posted on Facebook by a woman who said she bought it to display her love and support for the army chief, according to the newspaper.

The obsession with the general who ended the Islamist rule turned into a branding fashion during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan which ended last August when markets displayed “Sisi dates,” “C-C cookies” and “Sisi chocolates” among other products.

The “brand Sisi” campaign “appears to have imposed its presence by popular demand,” Ahmed Emad, an Egyptian advertising professional and blogger, told Al Arabiya News in a previously published article.

“What comes up on social media in terms of pictures, logos, jokes and catchphrases are all a fruit of user generated content (UGC); from the people, to the people.

“With a population of 90 million that is known to crack jokes on any given situation, you’ll end up with lots of UGC material to use in any campaign,” Emad added.

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