Saudi woman kicks security guard and flees mall after possible shoplifting

The feisty woman kicked the guard attempting to check her bags and successfully fled the shop

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A security guard working at a mall in Saudi Arabia received an unexpected reaction from a suspected female shoplifter during a routine check: a feisty kick.

A recently released video shows a Saudi woman jolting the mall security man in an attempt to maneuver out of an inspection.

The video, obtained by Al Arabiya, shows a security guard following a woman holding shopping bags in an effort to stop her leaving the store.

The pair wrangled as they approached the mall’s exit doors. In a surprise move, the guard tried to grab the shopping bags from the woman’s hands as she stepped out of the building.

The woman then began shouting and screaming, then shook the guard with a strong kick and successfully ran away with security alarms going off as she exited.

Sources told Al Arabiya that the woman was suspected to have shoplifted items from the store.

“The police tried to chase the vehicle but to no avail,” the source added.

The case is still under investigation.