MH17 passenger jokes about doom before flight

MH17 was reportedly shot down by Ukrainian rebels on Thursday, leaving no survivors

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A passenger on Malaysian Airlines flight MH17, which crashed over eastern Ukraine, shared a social media post moments before boarding the plane, jokingly writing: "If it should disappear, this is what it looks like," alongside a photo of the jet.

Since then, the post has gone viral.

Dutch Cor Pan posted the photo in reference to Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 which disappeared earlier this year.

MH17 was reportedly shot down by Ukrainian rebels on Thursday, leaving no survivors.

The passenger’s friends left messages of grief on his Facebook page.

“Such a beautiful couple who have been taken from life. I wish you the best wherever you are,” said Peter Bootsman (Pan’s Facebook friend) according to the Daily Mail, in reference to Pan’s partner who was reportedly on the plane with him at the time.

Pan had previously posted pictures on Facebook of tropical beaches, saying: “A few more days to wait yet...”

The Malaysia Airlines plane was shot down while flying over eastern Ukraine by militants on Thursday, killing all 295 passengers. Ukrainian official Anton Gerashchenko said the aircraft flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur inclined near a city with a stronghold of pro-Russian rebels, Donetsk.

Malaysia Airlines earlier said it had “lost contact” with MH-17 whose last known position was over Ukraine.

“Malaysia Airlines has lost contact of MH17 from Amsterdam,” the airline, still reeling from the disappearance of flight MH370, said on its Twitter account.

European flight safety body Eurocontrol said Thursday that Ukrainian authorities have closed the airspace over the east of the country following the crash.