Saudi hackers expose ISIS ‘love affairs’

A Saudi hacker group, Cyber of Emotion, has exposed several ISIS online users and revealed their identities

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A Saudi hacker group, Cyber of Emotion, has exposed several ISIS online users and revealed their identities.

The group launched its anti-ISIS campaign on Sept. 28 and has so far revealed the several ISIS supporters living in Saudi Arabia. The leader of the hacker group told Al-Watan that a majority of ISIS supporters in the Kingdom were women.

The group hacked into multiple ISIS electronic E-mail accounts and their inbox messages showed that that several ISIS extremists were having love affairs with the women who support them locally.

The leader also revealed that he and his team members have received death threats from ISIS.

“We targeted them specifically to try to stop their dangerous and deviant ideas from spreading in Saudi society. Young men who never traveled abroad were involved in most of the terrorist attacks in the Kingdom. They were recruited online through internet and social media,” he said.

He said that his group members are young Saudis possessing unique skills in technology and programming. The members decided to utilize their skills to serve their country and fight those wanting to break the Kingdom apart and defame its name.

“We’re all volunteers and we’re not looking for fame or fortune. The electronic war we unleashed on ISIS targets their accounts and anyone affiliated with them. We will try hard to eliminate them and save our country from their evil designs,” said Cyber of Emotions leader.

According to the hacking group leader, social media — especially Twitter — is full of fake accounts belonging to ISIS members who use a lot of “hashtags” related to the Kingdom’s affairs.

These accounts target young Saudi men and deliberately try to spread rumors and tarnish the country’s image.

“We identified a large number of these accounts and after close monitoring we found out their disgraceful intentions. Our main goal is to attack these accounts and expose those who hide behind them,” he said.

This article first appeared in the Saudi Gazette on Oct. 7, 2015.

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