Struggling with a wailing baby? Use the controlled crying technique

You need the training to control your baby while crying since you are the one who will make your little angel stop crying

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If you are struggling to control your newborn during long bouts of unexplained crying during the night and when they feel sleepy, you should follow the "controlled crying" technique, developed by experts. There are some smart tips to help you put an end to this.

You need the training to control your baby while crying since you are the one who will make your little angel stop crying and get used to soothing himself. But, how safe are these ways?

Baby sleep experts say that controlled crying approach shouldn’t be used with babies less than six-month-old. Before putting the baby in the cot and following this technique, parents must make sure the little one is not hungry, thirsty, or in pain.

First: Put your baby down to the cot at bedtime that you want your baby to get used to, say goodnight and leave the room.

Second: If your baby starts crying, wait for two minutes before going in and stay there for a few minutes to reassure him, say goodnight again and leave the room.

Third: If your baby continues to cry for more than 5 minutes, go back and repeat the step again. This time, however, you will need to wait for 7 or 8 minutes before returning to the room. Each time, you need to extend the waiting time by 2 minutes, until your baby falls asleep.

The idea behind leaving the room is to teach the babies to sleep by themselves, so they know that it’s time to sleep when you say goodnight and leave the room.

Note: You may need to repeat these steps until you reach the desired goal. Every baby is unique, but with patience, your baby will get used to sleeping without crying. Some babies need two nights only, while others may need weeks.


-Your baby will learn a new skill by sleeping alone.
-These steps cut the process to few nights only.


-Some experts claim that leaving the babies to cry for longer periods without holding them may have the negative psychological impact later on.
-Emotionally, it is hard to see your baby crying and do nothing, as it hard for your baby to see you leaving him alone.
-Babies left to cry for longer periods can get sick.
-Be ready for your family blames for letting your baby cry without carrying him, because they cannot come to grips with the idea of leaving the baby crying, thinking that you are cruel. Crying would also discomfort those in your house.

Finally, we came up with a magical solution that fits your six-month-old and that could be better than the previous approach. Now you decide!

What differentiated comfortable control is that you will need to caress your baby gently every time you come into the room and not only look and say hello.

It is the easiest and most reassuring way for your baby since it balances between carrying the baby, putting them in the cot again, and leaving them alone. Once you return, carry, whisper for and caress your baby while between your arms and once the baby calms down leave the room, and so on.

Now you have different approaches to stop your baby's crying spells at night and teach the little one how to sleep without help.

Which method is more appropriate for you?

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