MP under fire after calling EgyptAir attendants ‘fat’ and ‘old’

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The union of Egyptian flight attendants has angrily responded to criticism by a lawmaker who described national carrier Egypt Air flight attendants as “over weight” and “old”

The union accused MP Galila Othman of discrimination adding that her time would be put to better use if she stops “offending working people” and instead help them deal with their concerns.

Osman requested this week that the civil aviation minister face questions in parliament regarding the appearance and “proper weight” of female EgyptAir flight attendants.

During the meeting of the House of Representatives’ Committee on Tourism and Civil Aviation with the Minister of Civil Aviation Sharif Fathi, Othman criticized the national carrier’s flight attendants’ poor appearance and lack of interest.

Speaking to The Associated Press Monday, she said: “There are no standards. We need dress and weight codes. They shouldn’t work until they are 50. We should move them to other jobs.”

“There are attendants who are over 50, why is there no age limit,” she asked at the meeting according Egyptian media reports.

“They need to take care of their hair and make-up, when they are serving food they ask if you want meat or chicken, when you say meet they say sorry we only have chicken, why then are they asking us passengers,” she said.

The MP’s criticism continued asking why over weight air hostesses are not fired.

“If a steward consumes drugs you will stop him but if a stewardess was overweight why don’t we stop her?” she questioned the minister.

Minister Fathi told the committee that he agreed that there is a need to improve standards however the carrier has not recruited attendants over the past three years.

“We have not appointed any hosts for 3 years,” he said.

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