The young girl who survived Beirut bombing

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Ten-year-old Jennifer Chedid recovered from a life-threatening experience from injuries she sustained in Beirut’s deadly bomb blast that claimed the life of general Wissam al-Hassan.

The young girl suffered internal bleeding in her brain from shrapnel that pierced her skull. She also suffered face disfiguration and other wounds on her body, predominantly her right arm.

She underwent a critical operation lasting 6 hours to remove the shrapnel and treat her other injuries. Doctors say she was able to move and speak within two days.

“When I get out of the hospital, I will go and visit St Charbel and then St Rafqa, who is the patron saint of my sister. Then I will return here for a short visit, and afterwards I will head back home,” Jennifer said.

Jennifer’s sister Josiane, whose leg was injured in the blast, rescued her sister from the scene and with medical assistance, transported her to the hospital.

The Lebanese Health Ministry is covering the costs of Jennifer’s treatment.

She will undergo a series of plastic surgeries to repair her face and body.

While that procedure is not usually funded by the ministry, it has made an exception for the little girl, and confirmed to Al Arabiya that it will follow up with her case until the end.