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Maria Dubovikova

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How to prevent any possibility of warming ties between Washington and Moscow? The intelligence services of the United States could give you the perfect answer. Make “Russia hacked America” go viral, make US citizens be sure that Trump is Kremlin’s project or at least cast doubt about his real ties with Moscow.

The outcome of such a campaign is to imply the whole administration is somehow paralyzed by Russia. As long as any positive move or gesture can be easily interpreted with the same message: “Russia hacked America”. This would give credibility to the notorious leaks and rumors, and in turn a forcible argument to launch an impeachment process.

Allan Lichtman, who wrote the “13 Keys to the White House”, highlighting the system of faultlessly predicting the popular-vote result for the US presidential elections, has also predicted the impeachment of Donald Trump. According to Lichtman, Trump could provoke the impeachment “either by doing something that endangers national security, or because it helps his pocketbook”, he said in his early November’s interview with The Washington Post. Now it is clear what can be a strong reason to oust Trump from the Oval Office before he completes a term.

It is clear that Russia’s general excitement over Donald Trump and unhealthy and unusual interest in the election process was odd and looked suspicious to the Americans and their allies

Maria Dubovikova

The scandals over the alleged hacking by Russia, resembling waves superseding each other in the recent 160 days since the name of the president-elect was announced, get more intense.

The media war that is often running into absurdity negatively influences the general climate. The irresponsibility of the media for what they are posting, lack of fact checking, the chance for exclusives and leaks which can bring them more traffic, plunge us deeper into the post-truth epoch and make the media a dangerous instrument, destabilizing the world.

The notorious report entitled “Assessing Russian Activities and Intentions in Recent US Elections”, that is “a declassified version of a highly classified assessment”, as it was stated in the document, left the public perplexed.

A supposed Russian expert, no matter their political affiliation, denied themselves the opportunity to belittle the allegations made in the text, while claiming to cite evidence, prepared by the US intelligence agencies that enjoy an overall budget of about $60 bln. Some claims in the report, including “Russia used trolls as well as RT as part of its influence efforts to denigrate Secretary Clinton»”, is the least you can expect from a paper produced by the intelligence agencies.

Does it mean Russian trolls are more efficient than the whole US intelligence service and the propaganda machine stuffed with hundreds billions of dollars? Do they claim that Russia also wrote, by itself, those e-mails that created scandal and undermined the chance of Clinton to take the Oval Office?

This is a really awkward logic of modern day, that if there is no leaked data about the crime - there is no crime. Maybe Russia should be blamed for the un-preparedness of the Democratic camp for cyberattacks? Do they really under-stand what they are saying? The ratings on the popularity of RT compared to the leading US channels, show that the only segment where RT are ahead is on YouTube. In the others RT is drastically trailing.

How big is RT?

Do the authors of the report really suggest that RT has outperformed the whole US propaganda machine, CIA, FBI and all the services with just YouTube? Demonization of Simonyan and Kiselyev, together with RT and a very low level Sputnik channel, look awkward and clumsy to those who know the real state of affairs and can carry out a balanced evaluation of these media outlets’ work.

The report shared by BuzzFeed and previously leaked on anonymous popular fo-rum 4chan, and finally presented as a leak by the reliable intelligence source, was another reason for astonishment. Questions were immediately raised by the source and the quality of the “leaked” paper, as it does not withstand any analysis and criticism. Then for any person who knows the functions of the people mentioned in the document and their roles, most of what has been said as “facts” are extremely absurd.

For example Peskov, spokesman to Putin, who was - according to the leaked document - collecting compromising materials against President Elect Trump. It is hard to explain to the people not familiar with the subject how extremely insane these claims are looking. But they really are.

Such mistakes are awkward, they were purported to be serious intelligence documents. It was no surprise that on Wednesday the US intelligence community rejected its implication in this report and the text appeared to have been prepared by the private company.

It is clear that Russia’s general excitement over Donald Trump and unhealthy and unusual interest in the election process was odd and looked suspicious to the Americans and their allies. But the reasons are very simple. This unusual interest is both on the general citizen level, as well as on the governmental one. Russia-US relations reached their lowest point in history since the end of the 1980s. Russia and Russians themselves are emotionally tired of tensions. Russia wants to have someone in the White House with whom it would be possible to make a dialogue and to take all of us further from the dangerous brink. Because the gen-eral panic and the ongoing sustainably fueling the crisis is artificially created, both on the US-Russia bilateral and Russia- West‘s general track. The current situation and its manifestations (like those dubious reports and leakages) are be-coming strong proof of the existing and avowed extreme collapse in Russian studies in the US and extreme lack of good specialists on Russia in general.

Furthermore, the ongoing hysteria over the notorious “Russia has hacked Ameri-ca” story first of all is destructive for the US itself, as the artificially created tur-bulence makes the US vulnerable, weakening it from the inside.

The US is running after its tail in its fight against Russia. The deeper the US political establishment, decision making circles, intelligence, media and the rest plunge in their own imaginary battle with Moscow - the further they are from reality, not even mentioning absurdity of their own statements and maneuvers and the loss of the ability to control the situation they have mastered. The artificially created and fueled fear closes the ears of the mind.

There is no better fighting tactics than waiting for the moment when your rival defeats itself. And if Russia implements these tactics, so it is just being inspired by the US itself and its behaviors. And I think, it's relevant to remember the quote of Napoleon here: “I have destroyed the enemy merely by marches.” So…Russia is just marching...
Maria Dubovikova is a President of IMESClub and CEO of MEPFoundation. Alumni of MGIMO (Moscow State Institute of International Relations [University] of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia), now she is a PhD Candidate there. Her research fields are in Russian foreign policy in the Middle East, Euro-Arab dialogue, policy in France and the U.S. towards the Mediterranean, France-Russia bilateral relations, humanitarian cooperation and open diplomacy. She can be followed on Twitter: @politblogme

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