YouTube users link rapper Pitbull’s lyrics to missing Malaysia jet

The Cuban-American rapper Pitbull, seen in his 2012 music video ‘Get it started.’ (Youtube grab)

Users of online video sharing giant YouTube have concocted a seemingly bizarre theory – that a song by Cuban-American rapper Pitbull is linked to the disappearance of the missing Malaysia Airlines passenger jet.

Certain lyrics in the 2012 track “Get it started,” appear to match the circumstances of the mysterious disappearance of flight MH370, which went missing last week with 239 people on board, according to the site’s users.

Lines in the song include “Now it’s off to Malaysia,” and “two passports, three cities, two countries, one day.”

The reference to two passports relates to the stolen passports used by two Iranians to board the flight, the three cities refers to the capitals of China, Malaysia and Vietnam, while the two countries are Vietnam and Malaysia, some users claim.


Other correlating lyrics include “No Ali, no Frasier, but for now, off to Malaysia.” In the hit song, the lyrics refer to the former U.S. boxing champions, but, as YouTube users have pointed out, one of the two Iranian passengers was dubbed “Mr. Ali” by some news outlets.

“Seriously this song is really related to what’s happens [happening with] Malaysia now..MH370,” one YouTube user wrote.
“Malaysia ? 2 passport? much coincidence I guess,” wrote another.

On Friday, the seventh day of the search for flight MH370, Reuters reported sources claiming that military radar-tracking evidence suggested the airliner was deliberately flown across the Malay peninsula towards the Indian-owned Andaman Islands.

Malaysian authorities have not ruled out sabotage or hijacking as an explanation for the plane’s enigmatic disappearance.

Last Update: Wednesday, 11 November 2020 KSA 08:31 - GMT 05:31