BBC: Qatar may not host the World Cup in 2022

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A secret report published by the BBC revealed the possibility that Qatar may not host the World Cup in 2022 due to the political crisis with its Gulf neighbors, warning the construction companies from entering World Cup projects.

The report warned companies working in Doha’s $200bn (£153bn) infrastructure programme calling it a "high-risk project".

The study, by management consultants Cornerstone Global, reviewed the impact of the current diplomatic crisis after Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt and Bahrain closed their land borders, air and sea links with Doha due to its support and funding of terrorism.

The report pointed to allegations of corruption - both in the bidding process and in the World Cup 2022 infrastructure development, as well as a risk of non-payment and no realistic ability to enforce any legal contracts.

It highlighted that should the cancellation of Qatar hosting the World Cup 2022 happen, it would likely be abrupt leaving contractors involved in a precarious situation.

The report added that construction sources in Qatar are already feeling the impact of the sanctions, with logistics proving costly, as prices have increased by between 20 and 25% due to logistical problems.

Cornerstone also reported that several members of the Qatar 2022 Supreme Committee have threatened to resign over excessive interference by senior officials on spending and allegations of corruption.

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