Bin Laden documents: New secrets revealed linking Qatar and al-Qaeda

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The third batch of documents published by the US intelligence agency Abbottabad, Wednesday, revealed more secrets of close ties between al-Qaeda and Al Jazeera Qatari network.

In a letter from Haj Osman to the Media Committee of the organization, he called for coordinating with Al Jazeera correspondent to respond to “false information” about al-Qaeda, asking to clarify through Al Jazeera many accusations perpetuated.

He advised that Al Jazeera correspondent in Pakistan, Ahmed Zidan, would highlight what Arab channels claim that al-Qaeda enjoy privileges in Iran and, and to refer to Iraqi documents linking the organization to Iran, as well as arrange for him to speak with their media spokesperson, Haj Attia, to answer to such claims, according to the message of Haj Osman.

In another letter, Osama bin Laden stressed the importance of taking into account the security of al-Qaeda members in the media and the documentaries, stressing the importance of taking precautions. “As for the brothers whose missions require movement and meetings (such as Tawfiq and Hamza al-Rabea), a very limited number of delegates are assigned, mobility should be limited, and the completion of missions should be through delegates,” he said.

In this letter, Bin Laden referred to Al Jazeera specifically, and it appears from what al-Qaeda leader wrote that his speech is related to a series of tapes and meetings that Al Jazeera has been assigned to broadcast.

“Al Jazeera recommends that we take precautions, particularly on separate episodes, knowing that the previous recordings respond to the State’s lies in a direct and indirect manner,” he said.

The first batch of Abbottabad documents revealed one of bin Laden’s messages, in which he stressed the good relationship with Al Jazeera and the importance of preserving it, saying: “Satellite channels today are stronger than the heroic poets of the pre-Islamic era. Most of the channels have been against us, but Al Jazeera’s interests intersect with ours, and it is useful not to make it our enemy, it has little against us, and if we oppose it, it would take a hostile stand.”

The documents also revealed a lengthy message from Haj Osman to Moulay Azmari about the organization’s security mechanism, which revealed that Qatar is one of the suggested destinations for the organization’s members and their wives.

“In the case of the widows, their numbers are lesser due to marriage and the option to go to Qatar might not suit them,” Hajj Osman said in his letter.

It is noteworthy that the Qatari role with al-Qaeda did not end at the propaganda of Al Jazeera channel and its promotion of the organization and extremist groups.

Qatari syllabuses were preferred by bin Laden, according to the letter of one of his wives entitled “Mother,” which was sent to her son, nicknamed “Abdel Latif”. According to the letter and other documents, she was interested in teaching her children Arabic language and Sharia lessons, as she says: “It is good if you brought us the Qatari curriculum if possible, or through the Internet, and better if you can bring the printed books, three copies of each one, and bring as much as possible of the supporting materials.”

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