Israel annexation freeze ‘significant diplomatic achievement’ by UAE, says FM Gargash

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Israel halting annexation of Palestinian territory in exchange for the normalization of diplomatic ties with the United Arab Emirates is a “significant diplomatic achievement,” UAE Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Dr. Anwar Gargash said in a statement on Thursday.

His remarks followed an announcement by US President Donald Trump of the UAE and Israel reaching a historic diplomatic agreement that is set to establish bilateral agreements between the two countries on a range of issues including tourism, telecommunications, and healthcare.

“The United Arab Emirates has secured Israel’s commitment to halting the annexation of Palestinian territories in order to sustain efforts to achieve a two-state solution,” said Gargash in a statement on state news agency WAM.

“This decisive freeze on the annexation of Palestinian territories is a significant diplomatic achievement and comes in furtherance of the UAE’s belief that establishing normal relations with Israel will enable it to play a direct and constructive role in enhancing the region’s security and stability,” he said.

The US played a key role in the resolution according to Gargash.

In the past year, Gargash has been vocal both about opposing Israeli annexation of Palestinian territory and being open to UAE-Israel collaboration.

In June, the UAE minister told the leading US Jewish organization, the American Jewish Committee, that his country was “clearly against any annexation as being proposed by the current Israeli government.”

At the time he said that while the UAE has “no relationship with Israel,” the country was open to coordinate on issues like healthcare.

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