Turkish PM: Gender ‘equality’ linked to suicide

Speaking at a women’s event, PM Davutoğlu said suicide rates in developed countries are correlated to ‘mechanical equality’

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“Mechanical equality” in gender relations in developed countries is linked to their higher suicide rates, Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu said in a speech Thursday.

“Why is the Gross National Product in most developed countries – I don’t want to name it but in Scandinavian countries and in many other countries – at the highest level on one side [GDP], but the suicide rate is also at the highest level there. Why?” Hurriyet Daily News quoted Davutoğlu.

The premier, who was speaking at a meeting hosted by the women’s branch of his ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP), described “mechanical equality” as something that it is beginning to “destroy the complementary relationship in life.”

“That’s why, since our women are fulfilling that divine mission of keeping humanity alive, then they have the right to rest before and after becoming a mother and spare time for their children. Granting this is not a favor, it is just paying a debt.”

He stressed the importance of “motherhood” and dubbed his government as a “champion” to promote the natural kinship.

The premier also denounced violence against women, describing those who “use violence against women” as “displaying their own weakness and dishonor.”

“No matter if it is among the family, even by a father against his daughter in the form of a slap [in the face] as sign of compassion, it will leave deep traces in the hearts of those children,” he added.

“No matter if it on the street, against a woman who is considered weak, all of this violence is a direct assault on human honor, and fighting against this assault is a mission for all of us.”

Davutoğlu hailed his party when he said that 14.5 percent of AKP deputies elected in the most recent 2011 parliamentary elections were women.

He also promised: “We should increase this to at least 25 percent in the shortest time. As AKP, we will do whatever this requires. The AK Party doesn’t follow others, it drags others to follow its lead.”

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