Saudi deputy crown prince gets 82% of allegiance council votes‎

Four members were against the appointment while two members refrained from voting

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A majority of the 34 member body that approves the Saudi successor to the throne voted in favor of Prince Mohammed bin Salman - King Salman’s son - as the new deputy crown prince, sources told Al Arabiya News channel on Thursday.

Twenty-eight members of the body, known as the Allegiance Council, voted in favor of the appointment, while four members were against the appointment.

Two members refrained from voting, according to the source.

Among those who approved from the sons of the founder of Saudi Arabia, the late King Abdulaziz al-Saud were the Head of Allegiance Council Prince Mishaal, Prince Bandar, Prince Turki, Prince Abdulilah, Prince Mashhour, and the former Crown Prince Muqrin bin Abdulaziz.

Also among the voters, were the founder’s grandsons: Prince Mohammed bin Fahd, Prince Khalid bin Abdullah, and Prince Khalid bin Talal.

The Allegiance Council was formed in 2006 by King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz and tasked to formalize the succession process.

On Wednesday, Prince Mohammed bin Salman received pledges of allegiance from former Crown Prince Muqrin in Riyadh.

Following the pledge of allegiance, Prince Mohammed bin Salman visited Prince Muqrin at his palace, the official Saudi Press Agency reported.

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