US House of Representatives: Iran Revolutionary Guards are a terrorist army

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The speaker of the US House of Representatives, Paul Ryan, called to designate the Revolutionary Guards as a terrorist group, describing it as a “terrorist army.” He said “Iran supports the terrorist dictator of Damascus and the militias in Yemen, Baghdad and Beirut.”

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan said in a speech to the American-Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) that “We must exploit all the tools of American power and work with our allies, especially Israel, to confront the threats of Iran.”

Ryan stressed that in recent weeks both the US administration and Congress took serious measures to increase sanctions against Iran, pointing out that sanctions are not the only tool Washington has to fight the nuclear Iran.

According to the official website of the US House of Representatives, Ryan called for the imposition of new sanctions on the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, which he described as “the terrorist army in Iran,” and demanded that it be included on the list of terrorist organizations. He highlighted the need to prevent Iranian airlines from delivering troops and weapons across the Middle East.

Ryan also criticized the Obama administration’s nuclear agreement with Iran saying, “This agreement is a disaster and I do not say so lightly. Iran has increased its support for terrorism and human rights violations. It has also stepped up its ballistic missile program in the aftermath of July 2015.”

Furthermore, Nikki Hailey, the US ambassador to the United Nations asserted that “Iran’s nuclear deal is worrisome because it empowered Russian and Iran and encouraged the latter to act freely without fear of accountability.”

Mitch McConnell, the Republican majority leader in the Senate disclosed: “Today we must adopt a different approach. We must combat Iran’s ability to finance, arm and train terrorists, such as Hezbollah, Hamas and its proxies in Syria.”

McConnell criticized Iran’s nuclear deal, saying that it disabled the United States from taking more aggressive steps against Iran.

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