Iranians mocking bad smell spread all across Tehran

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Residents of Tehran complained about the spread of “bad odors” in various parts of the Iranian capital even as authorities appealed to citizens to help them search for the source of smell, Iranian media reported.

“The reason for the bad smell is the explosion of a sewage pipe network in the Enghelab (revolution) square in central Tehran,” the government-run newspaper Iran said.

According to IRNA, an expert team has been set up to find the source of bad odor, which has been bothering the citizens of Iranian capital since Wednesday evening, according to an official with the Environment Department of Tehran Province.

Noting that the smell is mostly felt in southern parts of the city, Mohammad Rastegari said that field studies have begun in different parts of the city.

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Samim Rouzbahani, the spokesman of Crisis Management Department of Tehran Municipality, ruled out reports about bursting of water sewage pipe at Enghelab Square and said the source of the smell is reportedly from Hassanabad area in central Tehran.

There have been no reports of any kind of damages due to the smell so far, according to Tehran Emergency Department.

Social networks carried reports of the smell spreading around Enqelab square (Revolution square), which is preparing for the 40th anniversary of the Iranian revolution next month.

“The smell of the revolution has faded ... what we are suffering from is because of an Enghelab (coup),” one social media user wrote sarcastically referring to the symbolism of the source of smell.

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“We have found the right word for vacuum,” he said, quoting the founder of the Iranian revolution. “Our revolution was an explosion.”

The widespread odor has raised the specter of a large number of Iranians. “Can sewage pipes explode somewhere and spread throughout the city?”

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