Hikers use turbans to rescue stranded men from river

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Five hikers originally from India used their turbans to save two men who had fallen into a river in Canada, NBC News reported.

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Kuljinder Kinda was hiking in Golden Ears Provincial Park in British Columbia on October 11 when another group of hikers told them that two men had slipped on the rocks and fallen into the stream near a waterfall.

A video of the incident is circulating online.

A lack of mobile reception meant that none of the hikers could call the emergency services, leaving a rescue as their only option.

They decided to created a rope out of their turbans and jackets.

“We were trying to think how we could get them out, but we didn’t know how to,” said Kinda, an electrician originally from Punjab, India.

“So we walked for about 10 minutes to find help and then came up with the idea to tie our turbans together.”

The five hikers removed their turbans and knotted them together to create a 10-meter makeshift rope.

“In Sikhi, we are taught to help someone in any way we can with anything we have, even our turban,” Kinda said.

He added that neither he or his friends were concerned about their own safety.

“We just really cared about the safety of the men,” he said.

The two rescued hikers thanked the group before leaving. They have not been identified.

“Signs on the access trails warn hikers about trail and waterfall hazards and to not proceed past the end of the established trails,” a British Columbia Environment Ministry spokesperson said.

Robert Laing, the search and rescue manager at Ridge Meadows Search and Rescue, was on duty when the incident occurred and was called to the scene, but the hikers had already been rescued.

“We spoke briefly with them but only to make sure they were fine and did not require medical aid,” he said.

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