After three executed in Bahrain, a look back into their deadly attack

Molotov cocktails thrown by anti-government protesters, unseen, burn on the road in this image taken in Daih village. (File photo: AP)

Three inmates were executed in Bahrain on Sunday for the murder of two Bahraini and one Emirati policeman in 2014.

The three Bahrainis were convicted of killing UAE first-lieutenant Tareq Mohammed Al Shehi and Bahraini policemen Mohammed Arsalan and Ammar al-Dhalei in March 2014.

The three policemen were part of security forces tasked with dispersing violent protesters in the village of Daih in March 2014 when an improvised bomb detonated, killing the men.

The accused had planted a bomb and lured police officers into a trap where one of the suspects then detonated the device from a distance using a mobile phone.

Al Shehi was working in Bahrain with the Gulf Waves Force under the joint GCC security cooperation agreement, an additional force established to help local Bahraini police keep peace and order.

Local UAE media described Lt. Al Shehi as an “example of goodness, dedication, discipline and excellence”.

“He was loyal to, and did a great deal for, his homeland, and received martyrdom for the sake of his God and his homeland, and for duty, humanity and peace,” Chief of Ras Al Khaimah Police Maj. Gen. Sheikh Talib bin Saqr Al Qasimi told UAE’s The National back in March 2014, when Al Shehi was laid to rest.

In Bahrain, thousands attended Dhalei’s funeral. The Bahraini policeman was from Muharraq city in the town of al-Hidd, in north Bahrain. He is survived by his wife and daughter Alsheikha al-Dhalei.

Arsalan was a Bahraini policeman and was buried in his hometown city in Pakistan at the request of his family.

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