Two Bahraini policemen killed in 'terrorist bombing'

The blast comes days after the kingdom announced it had foiled an attempt to smuggle weapons from rival Iran. (File photo: AP)

Two Bahraini policemen were killed and a six were severely wounded in a bomb attack in the mainly Shi’ite village of Sitra south of the capital Manama, the Interior Ministry said on its Twitter account on Tuesday.

“A terrorist bombing targeted policemen on duty in the Sitra area, resulting in the deaths of two of them and seriously wounding a third,” the Interior Ministry said earlier on Tuesday.

It added that five more policemen had received light to moderate injuries and were being treated in hospital.

Bahrain said explosives used in the bombing match those seized after allegedly being smuggled from Iran, state news agency said.

On Saturday, the government said it had foiled an arms and explosives smuggling plot by two Bahrainis with ties to Iran, and recalled its ambassador to Tehran.

Infographic: Bahrain police killing


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