Child enters bathroom, escapes Cairo bombing

Thomas was wounded by shrapnel in different parts of his body

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A 7- year-old child survived from imminent death in the Cairo Coptic Cathedral bombing on Sunday, when he entered the bathroom a few minutes before the bombing.

Thomas, who is in the second grade was sitting next to his grandmother. Minutes before the bombing, he excused himself to the bathroom, and then returned to discover the horrific scene of his grandmother on the ground with other victims.

He was wounded by shrapnel in different parts of his body, but his condition is considered the best among his family who some remain in Intensive care.

Majdi Ramzy, the grandfather of Thomas, lost his wife in the bombing of the Church, while his daughter in law and his grandchildren are in serious condition.

Majdi suffers from diabetes and kidney failure disease. The doctors amputated his right leg because of diabetes and is dependent on his wife in his daily chores. The wife attended church that morning, accompanied by her daughter in law Basma Sulaiman Tadros and grandchildren Thomas, Giovanni and Yvonne to the church.

Umm Mena, a family relative of Ramzy, told al-Arabiya that that the grandmother took her daughter in law and her grandchildren to Sunday Church. The eldest, Thomas was with his grandmother while one-year-old Giovanni and 4-year-old Yvonne were accompanied by their mother Basma Sulaimain Tadros.

She says that at approximately 11, they started hearing about the explosion and the casualties caused by the bombing.

“Upon hearing the news, Majdi Ramzy started screaming as if he had an ominous feeling about the fate of his family. We learned that the grandmother died, while the eldest son was wounded by shrapnel. He was taken to the hospital for treatment. The daughter in law and the two children were severely injured. Basma was badly hit by shrapnel in the face, in the shoulder and in the head causing serious bleeding; she was transferred to the military hospital, and will undergo surgery today.”

The youngest son Giovanni was hit by shrapnel in the thigh, in the neck and shoulder, while Yvonne was hit by scattered shrapnel; others were also wounded, including a girl, aged 14 years called Demiana.

She adds that the whole family lives in one duplex. The grandfather Majdi and his deceased wife occupied the ground floor, due to his poor health and his inability to move, while Raymond Jr. his wife Basma and their three children occupy the second floor, adding that the family is now living a real tragedy where Raymond Jr. runs between hospitals to check on his wife and children, and follows the extraction burial permits of his mother, while some of the family's neighbors tend to the wheel chair Majdi Ramzy who is bound to live the rest of his life without his life companion , his wife Sabah.

This article was translated from AlArabiya.Net.