Why is ISIS obsessed over use of suicide belts in Saudi Arabia?

ISIS has been known to groom Saudi extremists in the makings of explosive belts, their weapon of choice

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Security services managed to shut down an extremist cell last week that includes a factory that were making explosive belts from scratch amid a popular neighborhood when a successful operation carried out by the Saudi interior ministry.

The two extremists took their own lives in Harzat west of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

However, the most prominent question that arises is: How could the extremist organization provide such explosive material? Especially given that the confiscated suicide belts were not easy to make.

Military expert pilot Maj. Gen. Mohammed al-Qbeban explained to Al Arabiya that the components of this factory of sorts consisted of cheap materials and required someone who had background experience in the study of chemistry to be able to blend a combination that could lead to an explosive device after mixing it with TNT or C4.

“The more gasoline mixed with the explosives, the larger the blast,” he said explaining that “in the past, terrorist groups used dynamite, but the state banned it after terrorists exploited it, so they sought for alternative materials.”

Al-Qbeban pointed out that the Harzat terrorists in Jeddah, who blew themselves up last Saturday, possessed large amounts of nails and iron pieces that were frozen then tied up with wires and cables in a primitive process carried out by a specialist in electricity. He stressed that “most terrorist groups include people from different Arab nationalities working in the field of electricity.”

In addition, he stressed that “the explosive belt is a set of dynamite ready to explode, and its impact is nearly half a kilo, but it does not penetrate concrete, it is rather limited to killing human beings.”

“Explosives are manufactured in primitive factories; they are usually found in suicide cars with an impact range that does not exceed 200 meters. A highly experienced electrician can set up car bombs,” he said.

The explosive damage in terms of scattering the remains of the human body is remarkable, while the body cannot carry more than half of kilograms of explosives, since the explosive material that helps confuse the bombing is mixed with scrap and causes death.

The timing of the belt explosion

As to the timing of the explosion of the suicide belt, there are two: first, a specified suicide belt that explodes at the end of the countdown, and a second: “programmed” with old mobiles devices, once a certain key is pressed it explodes.

Al-Qbeban concluded: “There are no factories especially within Saudi Arabia that help terrorists make arms, yet the liquid or powdery components are smuggled by hostile states.”

A week ago, The Interior Ministry has been able to kill one of the most dangerous wanted men named Tayea Salem Yaslam al-Sayari, who was considered to be an expert in explosive belts and explosives industry.