PHOTOS: The ‘Sacred Mountains’ of Saudi Arabia

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Almost all mountains in Saudi Arabia have an ancient name. All the mountains and hills’ names were made eternal by poets who named it by their ancient names, which some of them still have had for thousands of years.

Sacred Mountains

“Al Safa and Al Marwa” of the Hajj rituals, the two famous mountainous which Hajar climbed to search for water for her son Ismail before the water stems from under his feet.

“Al Safa and Al Marwa,” two small mountains, are still visited by Muslims, following the first journey of search for water in Mecca.

“Arafat Mountain” is also a holy place, which, according to some stories, is the place where Adam met Eve.

Arafat is still a living witness in the area, where it is considered to be one of the pillars of Hajj.

Mountains witnessed stories of prophecy

“The light mountain” or “Al Noor” as it is called in Arabic, is named in accordance to the light emanating from the message of the Prophet Muhammad. Its ancient name is “Hera mountain,” it includes, “the cave where the Prophet worshiped before the revelation,” and in this mountain the revelation came and thus launched his message to the whole world.

“Al Noor Mountain” is located northeast of the Sacred Mosque, with a height of 642 meters. The famous cave is located at its top, which resembles a camel’s hump.

“Al Thor Mountain,” which is located south of Mecca where the Prophet’s migration began after hiding with his companion in this mountain for three days. They then took the path of migration in the famous journey, from which the Hijri calendar started.

The height of “Al Thor Mountain” is 728 meters. On the top of the mountain is the famous cave mentioned in the Quran, “as they are in the cave”.

Some of the hadeeths of the Prophet some of the mountains in Saudi Arabia, that they are of the mountains of heaven like “Uhud Mountain” and “Warqan Mountain”

As it is known, the Uhud Mountain adjacent to Al Madinah Al Monawara witnessed the famous battle, which was named after it “Uhud battle,” despite the Muslims were defeated in that battel, but this did not affect this famous mountain.

The prophet said about Uhud, as stated in Fath al-Baari,”Uhud is a mountain that loves us and we love it, it is one of the mountains of heaven”.

Warqan Mountain or Hammat, which is its ancient name, which is also one of the mountains of heaven, when the prophet passed near this mountain he said “Do you what’s the name of this mountain? It is Hammat, one of the mountains of heaven, may God bless it and bless its people.”

Hamat Mountain or Warqan, one of the mountains of Al Madinah Al Monawara. It is located in the village of Hebt in the south-western part of Al Madinah Al Monawara. It is 70 km away through the rapid migration road. It is about 2,400 feet above sea level.

Mountains and hills in Arabic poetry

“Al Dekhool and Hummal”, are considered the most famous mountains or hills mentioned in the Arabic poetry, in the prelude of the poem of King Al-Zilil, Imre Qais.