How three Bahraini extremist brothers were captured and killed in Saudi Arabia

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After a raid and exchange of fire, Al Arabiya sources revealed that Saudi emergency forces eliminated wanted Bahraini convict Hassan Mahmoud Ali al-Abdullah on Friday in Saihat, east of Saudi Arabia.

His brother Ali al-Abdullah was killed last year while the third brother, Hussein al-Abdullah, was arrested following a raid in Al-Awamiyah.

Hassan is one of the wanted names in the list of nine announced by Saudi Interior Ministry. Out of this, three have been eliminated - Fadel al-Hamada, Jaafar bin Hassan Makki al-Mubaireek, and Hassan al-Abdullah - leaving six wanted men remaining.

One of the terrorists Hassan al-Abdullah. (Supplied)
One of the terrorists Hassan al-Abdullah. (Supplied)


Saudi Arabia's Interior Ministry has announced a reward of a million riyals to those with information on the three remaining on the list.

In a previous statement, the General Directorate of the Department of Investigation and Criminal Evidence in the Bahraini Interior Ministry, had outlined the process of coordination and follow-up ongoing between the Department and its counterpart in Saudi Arabia.

Ali and Hassan Al Abdullah. (Supplied)
Ali and Hassan Al Abdullah. (Supplied)

According to the statement, Hassan Mahmoud Ali al-Abdullah was born in Syria, and carries his father’s Bahraini nationality, while his mother is of Saudi nationality.

Qatif rioting

He actively took part in the riots in the Qatif area and along with two of his brothers committed terrorist acts. One of them was killed in an exchange of fire with the Saudi police. His father was also deported from Saudi Arabia and included on the prevention list from entering Saudi Arabia.

Hassan al-Abdullah with his uncle Salman al-Faraj who escaped during the farm house raid. (Supplied)
Hassan al-Abdullah with his uncle Salman al-Faraj who escaped during the farm house raid. (Supplied)

As for Ali al-Abdullah, the Saudi authorities announced his elimination while he was in a farm in Al-Awamiya in Al-Qatif governerate, where he committed many terrorist crimes, partnering with some elements of the list of 23 in Al-Qatif governorate. During his presence there two years ago, he was responsible for the deaths of the security men and citizens, in addition to setting fire to the oil pipelines north of Al-Awamiyah in 2014.

The sources explained that the three Bahraini brothers are related to those wanted in the list of the 23, with Salman Ali Salman al-Faraj, being their uncle.

Ali al-Abdullah was eliminated in the security confrontation with the security services at the farm in Al-Awamiyah, while his uncle escaped.

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