Iran executes 100 people in one month alone

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The Iranian Human Rights Organization announced that the Iranian authorities executed over one hundred people during the month of July.

In a report received by Al Arabiya, the organization reported that the Iranian authorities only declared eight executions.

The report confirmed that the Iranian judicial authorities stopped execution just during the month of Ramadan in July, but resumed the executions again after the Eid.

This came at a time when the Iranian parliament approved a draft resolution on the review of the death penalty and commute it to prison sentences against traffickers and drug dealers.

Due to some administrative obstacles, the draft resolution was turned for a re-vote to the Judicial Committee of the Iranian Shura (parliament), according to the Iranian human rights organization.

The organization has repeatedly called on the judicial authorities to stop all executions and abolish the death penalty from the Iranian Penal Code.

Mahmoud Amiri Muqaddam, the spokesman for the Iranian human rights organization, said that if the new draft law was passes in parliament, those sentenced to death for drug crimes would only serve time in prison.

Muqaddam expressed his surprise that the authorities continue to carry out executions against those convicted of drug-related crimes, even though the death penalty had not been effective in combating the spread of drugs and reducing the phenomenon of addiction.

Last month, for the first time in years, Iran's anti-drug committee revealed that the number of addicts in Iran exceeded 3 million, while study centers predicted that the number would be much higher.

“This increase in the number of addicts in recent years comes at a time when mass executions are increasingly rampant over drug crimes,” says the Oslo-based human rights organization.

The organization has documented nearly 3,000 drug-related executions based on statistics from January 2010 to January 2017, where more than 2,993 people were executed for drug-related offenses.

In 2017 alone, more than 130 people were executed for drug crimes.

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