Details of the nine delegates who tragically died on Prince Mansour’s helicopter crash

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The late deputy governor of Asir, Prince Mansour bin Muqrin’s plane crashed in the Jarf Rida Nature Reserve in southwest Saudi Arabia’s Sarawat Mountains.

Prince Mansour and nine officials, lost their lives, while on a tour on Sunday to several locations in the region.

The members of the delegation that tragically died in a helicopter accident on Sunday were:

Asir Government Undersecretary

Suleiman bin Mohammed bin Suleiman Al-Jarish, who was appointed to this post on November 24t, 2014.

Suleiman held a BA in Islamic Studies from King Abdul-Aziz University, a Master’s degree in Criminal Law from Naïf Arab University for Security Sciences and a Diploma in Public Administration from the Institute of Public Administration.

He worked in the Ministry of Civil Service until 1993, after which he was assigned to work in the Ministry of the Interior. He then moved to the Investigation and Public Prosecution Commission and then worked for the Higher Authority for the Development of Mecca and Medina. In 2009 he was appointed as the Madinah government agent, and in 2013he was appointed as the Asir government agent.

Governor of Mahayel, Asir

The Governor of Mahayel Asir Mohammed bin Saud bin Abdul Aziz Abu al-Mutahmi, who was appointed to this position on May 19 2015.

Al-Mutahmi holds a Bachelor's Degree in Media and Public Relations from King Abdul-Aziz University in Jeddah.

Al Mutahmi has contributed to the development of Mahayel and its economic prosperity including in agriculture, trade, industry and crafts until it rose to become one of the most famous governorates in the Kingdom.

Municipal Director of Asir Region

The Municipal Director of Asir, Saleh al-Qadi, who is the director of 33 municipalities in the region holds a Bachelor's Degree in Agricultural Engineering from King Faisal University.

He was appointed Municipal Director to the Asir Region on April 9 2015. Prior to that, he served as Municipal Director of Medina. Al Qadi has over 30 years of experience in management and development. He was a member of the boards of several governmental institutions, charitable and social, including: the Asir Region Council, the Asir Tourism Development Council, and the Board of Directors of the Saudi Environment Society.

Director General of Agriculture, Asir Region

Eng. Fahd bin Saeed Al-Faratish, Director General of Agriculture of Asir Region was appointed on August 28 2011.

Pilot and other escorts

Saud Al Sahli, personal assistant to Prince Mansour, Captain Abdullah Al Shehri and Khalid bin Humaid, head of protocol in Asir region, were also victims of the plane crash.

Captain Naïf Waslallah Al-Rubaie, a native of Taiif, worked in a number of sectors and served at the rank of first lieutenant.