Our schools in the south are safe, assert Saudi teachers

Teachers in regions close to the Yemeni border claim that the area is secure but are thankful for the measures taken.

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A number of Saudi teachers in the southern Jazan area have described the decision by the Ministry of Education to close down schools and bring forward examinations as a “wise” precautionary measure to ensure the safety of students and teachers.

Despite the campaign by coalition forces led by Saudi Arabia against Houthis in Yemen, there is peace and security in the region, they claimed.

A number of ministry inspectors visited schools near the southern border with Yemen and found them to be unaffected by the military action, Alsharq reported.

Shaqraa Khaloufa, elementary school principal, said the situation is stable in the region. She said students and teachers were carrying out their daily tasks at their schools.

A total of 134 schools close to the border were shut down as a precautionary measure and their students were transferred and integrated in schools located further away from the border.

Khaloufa said: “The decision was made to ensure the safety and security of the students and to ensure comfort for all. “Our students are feeling safe and they have confidence in our brave soldiers.

“To ensure their safety even more, school was suspended and examinations were brought forward.” She said all Saudis would sacrifice their lives to protect the Kingdom and to “act as a barrier” against those trying to harm the country.

Khaloufa said that she inspected, along with a number of other teachers, schools in the southern border and they were all deemed safe.

Layla Al-Shareef, principal of an elementary school located near the border, said teachers felt the situation in the area was stable because of the soldiers protecting the borderline.

She said all school staff and administration were transferred to new schools far away from the border and students were excused from attending these schools also as a precautionary measure for their safety.

Al-Shareef praised the initiative to bring forward examinations. She said: “I saw how parents were relieved after this decision.”

A number of teachers interviewed expressed relief that they had been transferred far away from the border. They said they are carrying out their duties normally at their new schools.

Fatima Al-Malki, a middle school teacher, said: “We were happy with this decision and even happier that the examinations were advanced.

“Merging with schools far away from the border is the best solution at this moment.”

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