Short and stout, teapot that ‘looks like Hitler’ brews storm

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A kettle that “looks likes Hitler” has been spotted by social media users this week after an American retailer featured the product in billboard ads in the U.S.

The product, sold by JC Penney, apparently bears a striking resemblance to the Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler, says motorists in Southern California’s Culver City who have been posting about the billboard all over the web.


The image of the kettle, with a spout, curved handle and a pudgy lid handle, appeared to resemble a Nazi salute, a Hitler-esque hairstyle and his “toothbrush” mustache.

Commuters stuck in the infamous 405 interstate highway traffic of Los Angeles County have had a clear view of the billboard ad.

Many motorists have even stopped to take pictures of the 10-foot billboard to post on social media sites like Twitter and reddit, making the image viral within days.

One reddit blogger commented "That Hitler looks like a kettle."

Others on Twitter referenced the children’s nursery song “I’m a little teapot,” tweeting: "I'm a little Nazi, short and stout."

The resemblance was so striking another Twitter user claimed the teapot "even has his right arm extended," similar to that of the Nazi salute, a stigma often attached to Adolf’s autocracy.

The product which was designed by Michael Graves Design, is named the Bells and Whistles Stainless Steel Tea Kettle.

It was chosen as the billboard star to feature its cool-touch handle and space saving design, retailing for $50 on JC Penney’s website.

JC Penney’s has responded to the frenzy of comments over the “Hitler kettle,” saying it was “certainly unintended.”

“If we’d designed the kettle to look like something we would’ve gone w/a (with a) snowman,” the company posted on Twitter, with a picture of a porcelain snowman kettle, in an apparent light-hearted response.

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