Chilling photo shows child of ISIS fighter holding AK-47

Picture posted on social media shows toddler flaunting assault rifle

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The young child of a former London student living with her Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS)-jihadist husband is pictured carrying an AK-47 rifle with a smile on his face, the Sunday Times reported on Sunday.

The picture, posted on social media by another British jihadist supporter, is of a young boy allegedly named Isa - Arabic for Jesus - appears to be three or four years old, according to the UK newspaper.

According to the newspaper, Isa has a younger brother, whom his mother refers to as a “mini mujahid,” or holy warrior.
Isa’s mother, who calls herself simply Umm Isa (Mother of Isa), has the image of her young son as her Twitter account’s profile picture, called Muhajirah fi Sham (immigrant in Syria).

Her Twitter account suggests that she is married to a Swedish jihadist named Abu Bakr, and the real name of their child is Abdur Rahman.

The couple was featured last year in a Channel 4 News clip, according to the Sunday Times. At the time, Umm Isa identified herself as Maryam (Arabic for Mary).

Friends of Maryam identified her as a convert to Islam, who had attended a mosque in south London, according to the British newspaper.

In the clip, she was shown firing an AK-47 and a revolver in Syria, while wearing her burqa.

She claimed to have studied media, film psychology and sociology in the UK. While her husband was attached to a brigade consisting of fellow foreign fighters. The brigade was later merged with ISIS, the Sunday Times reported.

It remains unclear whether her eldest son Isa was born in Syria, or had travelled with her there.

The Sunday Times identified at least five British women who have joined the cause of the ISIS militant group, seizing swathes of land in Iraq and Syria, a sign showing the growing number of British women traveling to live under the Islamic “caliphate.”

It was reportedly revealed that Salma and Zahra Halane, 16-year-old twin from Manchester left their studies and headed to Syria.

It’s suggested that they are living along with other British women in Manbij, a northern Syria town controlled by ISIS, social media messages suggest, according to the Sunday Times.

There are many other women from across Europe who are believed to have travelled to the conflicted Mideastern region, raising the number of children now being raised there.

A video posted by ISIS supporters featured an alleged blond child of a French jihadist couple.

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