Dinosaur skeleton found in Morocco put on sale to rebuild Mexican schools

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A fragment believed to be from a dinosaur’s tail found in Morocco and dating from the Jurassic period is among the objects on sale this Thursday through the Morton House catalog in Mexico City.

Part of the profits from the sale of the skeleton of four meters and weighing 180 kilos will go to the project of Fundación Bancomer, aimed at rebuilding schools damaged by the earthquake that occurred in the Mexican capital on Sept. 19.

The dinosaur is believed to have belonged to the Brachiosaurus family and lived in North Africa about 165 million years ago. It was named “Atlasaurus”, especially because of its provenance. Its remains were found in the 1980s in the Atlas, near Azilal.

Last February, the sale by Hotel Drouot in Paris, of a marine dinosaur skeleton found in Khouribga, stirred controversy in Morocco.

The Association for the Protection of the Geological Heritage of Morocco had denounced the sale of this “unique heritage treasure” and the supposedly illegal export of the skeleton. It was finally taken off from the sale and returned to Morocco two months later.

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