VIDEO: Pakistan’s kitchen boy who trained to excel in photography

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Javed Akhtar earned his living as office boy in an ad agency, washing utensils, in Pakistan. But his passion and determination changed his destiny.

“We are six brothers and sisters and my father is a farmer. We live in a very small village where there is not much education,” he says.

“I worked as a waiter but some of my friends were photographers in Islamabad. They told me, we will teach you this work,” says Javed. Today, he is considered one of the best directors of photography in Islamabad.

“I was young and wanted to learn so that I could support my family in the long run. I wanted to get my brothers and sisters educated so that my family’s living condition could improve”, he says.

Serving to learn

“I used to serve the editors and photographers hoping to learn skills from them in return. Most of them thought I was deserving and started training me”, says Javed.

“I have seen all of Pakistan and have traveled to places like Europe and Sri Lanka. I would like everyone to believe that hard work only pays dividends”, he says.

Javed always knew he had more talent than just making tea. He did not get the chance to get educated but spent 12 years to learn cinematography and now plans to open his own production house.

He is a living example of how hard work and perseverance pays dividends.

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