On freezing of Tawakkol Karman’s membership

Mashari Althaydi

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The Yemeni Islah Party (whose solid nucleus is the Muslim Brotherhood) recently said it had nothing to do with Yemeni activist Tawakkol Karman’s comments and stances against the Arab coalition in Yemen.

Tawakkol Karman’s ties to the agenda of the Qatari-Turkish “spring” and its Brotherhood affiliates are well-known. Like Wael Ghonim, her image was internationally embellished by leftist parties in support of the Arab Spring powers, which mainly consist of the Muslim Brotherhood.

In 2011, she was granted the Nobel Peace Prize. This devalued the prize much more than it marked a gain for Tawakkol! Tawakkol has consistently attacked the Arab coalition using a tone that resembled the Houthis’.

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At the beginning, she focused her attack on the United Arab Emirates, the second pillar in the Arab-Yemeni coalition after Saudi Arabia. She did not focus on Saudi Arabia. When the conflict between Qatar and the kingdom, the UAE, Bahrain and Egypt erupted, she worked in parallel with the Qatari global media and began to attack Riyadh. After all, the maestro conducting the orchestra is one.

Tawakkol gained a lot from these hostile stances against Saudi Arabia and the UAE as she manages the Belqees television station which is logistically supported by Qatar – to say the least – and others and which is of course headquartered in Turkey.

Al-Islah’s freezing of Tawakkol’s membership is not the only solution. Severing her ties with the camp she belongs to is much more important

Mashari Althaydi

Legitimate institutions

Al-Islah, which is a major party in Yemen’s legitimate institutions whose government officials have been performing their tasks from Riyadh, said it works under the Arab coalition’s ceiling. Therefore, the statements of Tawakkol, who is a member of the party, do not harmonize with the latter’s stances.

This is why Al-Islah recently announced “freezing” of Tawakkol’s membership. Al-Islah said that Tawakkol does not represent it, adding that only its official institutions do.

The party’s Secretary General Mohammed Yidoumi told Ash-Sharq al-Awsat newspaper: “This woman does not represent Al-Islah at all,” adding that “the Saudi kingdom’s stances and sacrifices for Yemen are clearly visible.”

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Tawakkol has a vicious tongue and she is active within the umbrella of regional and international Qatari and Turkish activities. During the Warwick International Forum in London, she rudely attacked Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

After Ali Abdullah Saleh was killed, she called for openness toward the Houthis who were overjoyed by this move as they welcomed her “vigilance.” There’s no need to check whether Tawakkol praised the Qatari and Turkish roles. This of course goes without saying.

Al-Islah’s freezing of Tawakkol’s membership is not the only solution. Severing ties with her and with the camp she belongs to is much more important than just addressing the issue related to this woman called Tawakkol Karman.

This article was first published in Arabic.

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