Brother of Qatari Hajj pilgrim: Hamad al-Marri was brutally arrested

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Jaber al-Marri, the brother of the Qatari pilgrim Hamad al-Marri who disappeared after exiting Saudi Arabia through al-Salwa border crossing, confirmed that his brother has been detained by Qatari authorities.

“The last time we heard from my brother was three days ago when he contacted his wife and asked for clothes because he was detained by Qatari authorities,” Jaber told Al-Arabiya.net.

“The arrest was carried out in a horrific manner that terrified his wife and children who are suffering because of this inhumane arrest,” he added.

He said that his family is afraid for Hamad’s life and noted that a security officer will pick up his brother’s clothes and deliver them to him.

Jaber explained the details of the arrest and said that Hamad was detained by security forces upon his arrival in Qatar and he called one of his brothers to pick up the car and take his family home.

Commenting on the video in which Hamad is allegedly captured and assaulted in the middle of the desert by Saudis and which was later proven to have been staged by employees from Qatar’s interior ministry, Jaber said his brother recorded the video under threat, adding that the video was circulated when Hamad was at the borders.

“I do not think it’s unlikely for the Qatari authorities to threaten him and his living or threaten to displace him. He was displaced in 2004 and he got his nationality back in 2006,” he said.

Jaber said 50% of the displaced Qataris were allowed to return to Qatar in 2006 noting that this was some sort of vengeance as families were divided since some members were allowed to return and others weren’t.

“I have not been able to visit my mother in 21 years,” he said.

Jaber added that Qatar is the only Gulf country which displaced 6,000 of its people and called on human-rights organizations to sympathize with his brother and other detainees such as Breek who recited a poem praising hajj services.

He also warned Qatar’s government of forcing his brother to do something else by force.

“I have proof that Hamad did (the video) under threat. I warn Qatar’s government of using my brother for vengeful purposes,” Jaber said.

Jaber added that the aim of arresting his brother is to hold the Saudi kingdom responsible for the life of Qatari pilgrims, adding that it’s sad and shameful that Qatar cannot protect its pilgrims who were 1,500 this year while Saudi Arabia secured around 3 million pilgrims.

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