Al Arabiya documentary on Qatar: Inciting Iran to invade Bahrain

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Al-Arabiya channel started a series of documentaries about Qatar on Sunday evening.

The series, which will run until Wednesday, includes two films, the first film consists of three parts, under the title "History of Qatar: Struggles for power", while the second film is entitled "The nest of secret operations."

One part of the documentary highlights that Qatar “incited Iran” to occupy Bahrain.

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One of the speakers in the documentary mentions how this encouragement began since the late 1960s under the Shah's rule, when UAE, Qatar and Bahrain, began discussions to establish what was known as the Union.

Qatar then participated in the discussions and at the same time coordinating with the Shah's regime, inciting him to invade and occupy Bahrain so that this alliance would fail.

Later on the facts proved that Sheikh Khalifa bypassed the prince of Qatar at that time, negotiated with the Shah and told him that he opposed joining the nine Emirates Union at a time when Sheikh Ahmed Bin Ali was supporting the Union and had a good relationship with Dubai.

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