Wedding planning: Here’s your checklist for the big day

It is common that brides forget a few seemingly small but important tasks that need to be checked off the pre-wedding list.

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Having so much to do in the run up to the big day, it is common that brides forget a few seemingly small but important tasks that need to be checked off the pre-wedding list.

- Follow up on your requests; make sure they are in the clear on the date, time and location. The last thing you need on your big day is to be on the phone giving directions to the driver.

- Give your vendor / caterer the final guest headcount. This will help with the venue layout (you do not want empty tables and chairs in your wedding photos).

- If you do not have a wedding planner available on the day, contact the appropriate suppliers - for example the DJ - and check they know where to set up. Location is everything - make sure everyone knows where they should be.

- If you are hosting your wedding at a hotel, make sure you inform the reception of scheduled delivery arrivals, and contact numbers in case they need to contact them.

- If you are being transported to the venue, contact your chauffeur and reconfirm timings.

On the day, you are going to be very busy getting ready, and probably slightly nervous, so you do not want to hear of any mess-ups outside. Designate a specific person to handle all the arrangements and communication.

- If you have specific elements of décor a friend or family are bringing, make sure the items are on site on time.

- Any remaining funds that need to be paid on the day - some suppliers ask for cheques or cash upon delivery.

- Problems that might occur with set up, or minor decoration changes, broken vases, late suppliers.

Your suitcase is your best friend! Make sure you pack everything you need well ahead of time, including your honeymoon necessities. Write a list in order not to forget anything. Below are a few items to include on the list:

- Wedding emergency kit - this usually consists of plasters, hairpins, lipstick, deodorant, mascara and tissues.

- Honeymoon medicine kit - if you are travelling abroad, it might be difficult to find certain medication such as pain-killers.

- Post-wedding outfit - as a bride, what you wear the day after you are married is as important as the wedding.

Reconfirm your beauty appointments, and timings for yourself and other important people. Book your mani / pedi a day before the big day so your nails look nice and fresh for your wedding photos. Do not book any drastic experimental beauty appointments before your big day, such as facial peels or hair-coloring - these should be done a few months in advance to avoid disappointment.

You may need to remind your groom to book his hair cut and other necessary appointments, as men tend to be more laid back about these things.

If you have any elderly guests, show them your love by arranging appropriate transportation methods to and from the venue. Either designate a close relative to do so, or hire a company - be sure to fill them in on locations and timings.

Your dress has probably been stored away in a special bag, so it is likely to be creased. Contact a professional company to steam your dress a day before your wedding - same goes for bridesmaid dresses, mother of the bride and groomsmen tuxedos.

Just before you sit down and relax, make sure all wedding favors, welcome bags, place cards, and any other printed materials are delivered and ready. Have your wedding planner or designated bridesmaid handle these arrangements on the day.

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