Houthi prisoners reveal they were trained by Hezbollah experts

According to prisoners, the Houthi militia are trained two months before being sent to fight. (Supplied)

Houthi prisoners said the movement members were trained by Hezbollah experts before they were dispatched to the different fighting fronts.

In a video published by the Yemeni army’s media center on Tuesday night, a Houthi prisoner identified as Zakaria Mohammed Awda said he and dozens others were trained in Shawaba in Sanaa by Hezbollah experts around two months ago before they were sent to fight.

Another prisoner said the Houthis deceived them using national slogans and he called on others not to believe them. In the past two months, Houthi militias recruited plenty of young men and trained them before sending them to fighting fronts.

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The Yemeni army’s media center noted that this is all evidence to Iran’s involvement in supporting the Houthis and supplying them with arms and providing them with experts to implement its destructive agenda in the region.


Last Update: Wednesday, 28 February 2018 KSA 10:45 - GMT 07:45

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Houthi prisoners reveal they were trained by Hezbollah experts
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