WATCH: Macron gives shocking response to Moroccan woman


A young Moroccan woman did not expect to receive a shocking response from French President Emmanuel Macron when she asked him to help her stay in France to be with her sick parents.

She asked him to help her get a residency, but he told her to return home if she was not at risk.

The conversation was captured by French media during a visit to a volunteer center in Paris on Tuesday.

The woman had entered France on an expired commercial visa, and she sought Macron to help her with getting a permanent residency to look after her sick parents who reside in France.

However, Macron rejected her request and saying that "France cannot accommodate all those who come on visas and want to stay after."

Macron told her: "I tell you frankly, return back to your country, if you have security and you are not in danger, we cannot give residency papers to all people, we should protect, receive and help only helpless people who face security risks in their own countries."

Last Update: Friday, 24 November 2017 KSA 23:26 - GMT 20:26

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WATCH: Macron gives shocking response to Moroccan woman
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