Hezbollah’s responsibility for Beirut’s horrific explosion

Mohammed Al Shaikh

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You must doubt your judgement abilities if you believe that Hezbollah’s terrorist militia had nothing to do with the horrific Beirut port explosion, which destroyed one-third of the city.

All indications, signs, and collected evidence of weapons and explosives, prove beyond a shadow of a doubt, that these militias, backed up by the Persian Safavids’ mullahs, have turned Lebanon into a massive arms and explosives warehouse, and that Hezbollah’s militias are supplying the Safavid terrorist cells with all that they need to carry out the orders of the mullahs of the Iranian regime.

Hezbollah’s militia, as was publicly and boldly recognized by its Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah, is trying to convert Lebanon into an Iranian mullahs’ province, from which he receives his arms and all the funds and equipment he requires.

Hence, the crimes committed by Hezbollah, including the Beirut port explosion, are in fact an extension of Tehran’s orders. Needless to say, the Safavid mullahs aim to empty Lebanon, Syria and Iraq from their non-Shia population in order to facilitate turning them into an Iranian Safavid State.

In this regard, US President Barack Obama cannot be exonerated from his liability of the recent Iranian spreading, bullying, expansion and terrorist acts, which have put the entire Middle East region in harm’s way, caused by the Iranian capricious whims, carried out by Hezbollah, Iran’s most powerful terrorist arm.

Most countries today criminalize this group, both politically and militarily, but they do not go to the source and dry it, which are the elite mullahs. The reason is that most European countries are deliberately transcending this fact, because they want to seize trade and investment opportunities in Iran if the US presidential candidate Joe Biden wins and reactivates Iran’s nuclear deal with Tehran.

Although they cannot be publicly vocal about it, all the Lebanese, including Shiites, hold Hezbollah’s militia responsible for the port bombing. People know that if they do express their opinion, physical liquidation awaits them, as this terrorist party does with whoever opposes it, and Lebanese judges dare not press charges against it, which has only made the Lebanese elite demand an international investigation based on their knowledge that the local jurisdiction is too weak to handle this brutal and bloody monster fairly and transparently.

Most Lebanese, including the rational people of the region, fear that Democratic candidate Joe Biden will take the chair in the White House. They worry that he will follow in President Obama’s footsteps, giving free rein to the Persian mullahs in the region, and, of course, freeing the Iranians from their responsibility for the Lebanese port explosion, which will give Persian terrorist mullahs the green light to wreak havoc and terrorism in the region, thus repeating President George W. Bush’s mistake, when he presented Iraq to the mullas on a golden platter.

The question remains: have the American theorists learned from their terrible mistake? Or is the cat out of the bag?

This piece was originally published in the Saudi Arabian newspaper Al-Jazirah.

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