Never-before-seen Picasso to go on show in Abu Dhabi

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A never before seen piece by Picasso, ‘Portrait of a lady,’ will go on show in Abu Dhabi next month.

The painting has been bought for the Louvre Abu Dhabi which will open its doors in 2015, reported Dubai based 7Days newspaper on Tuesday.

However art lovers can preview the painting at the city’s cultural hub Manarat al-Saadiyat, from April onwards.

The piece depicts a finely featured woman looking slightly to her right and is made up of sections of paper glued together in a distinctly Cubist style.

The creative masterpiece is rumored to be a painting of socialite Natalie Paley. She was the granddaughter of Tsar Alexander II of Russia.

Paley was likely introduced to Picasso by her friend Jean Cocteau, an influential film director.

The artist has been tagged as one of the greatest and most influential creative talents of the 20th century and developed and pioneered a variety of styles including Cubism.

Abu Dhabi’s Tourism and Culture Authority have not divulged how much the work cost them, or when exactly it was purchased.

The piece is believed to have been in the hands of a private collector before it was purchased by the authority.

The ‘Portrait of a lady’ will be unveiled at the ‘Birth of a Museum’ exhibition which runs from April 22 to July 20, 130 works are set to go on show.