Video: Egyptians flock to Mursi look-alike

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Cars come to a complete stop, and people gravitate towards Egyptian President Mohammed Mursi’s look-alike, Haj Ramadan Sohaji.

The great resemblance between the two has led to Egyptians approaching Sohaji and requesting that pictures be taken with him.

“I saw that Mursi looks like me. Later, I found out that he has a PhD, and he’s an intellectual. I loved him, and decided later to vote for him,” Sohaji, an electrical trader, told Al Arabiya.

However, the downside to the fame is that Mursi’s opponents direct their anger at him.

“One time, a guy came to buy equipment from me, but when he saw that I looked like Mursi, he told me that he’d never buy from me.”

When the look-alike decided to join a march to show his support for Mursi, some participants, thinking he was the president, carried him to the podium saying: “Look, the president is wearing a galabiya,” a traditional Egyptian garment.

“I told them, ‘I’m not Mohammed Mursi or his father. My name is Ramadan Sohaji. Please, I don’t want to go to prison’.”

Sohaji says he is forced to enter political discussions when his appearance inspires people to talk politics.

He urges Egyptians to be patient with the president, but also wants Mursi to exert more effort to end divisions in the country.

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