What is the viral, spooky Charlie Charlie Challenge?

The latest online trend, called the Charlie Charlie challenge, involves two pencils, a piece of paper and the summoning of a Mexican demon.

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A viral trend on social media has people from all over the world filming their experiences in calling on a Mexican demon called Charlie and asking the spirit questions using a piece of paper and two pencils.

“Yes” and “no” are written twice in corners of the paper and two pencils are placed on top of each other to form a cross. The supernatural ritual begins by an individual chanting “Charlie, Charlie, can we play?” twice.

Supposedly the upper pencil is then turned by the spirit, where Charlie will answer their questions if the first response is “yes”.

At the end of the ritual the individual must ask permission to stop the questions by chanting “Charlie, Charlie, can we stop?” until Charlie points to “yes”.

People have in the meantime filmed their reactions to the turning pencil, and uploaded it to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

A large majority of social media users have responded by calling the challenge "nonsense," and mocking the trend.

Some Twitter users are saying that the challenge stems from a traditional Mexican demon-summoning ritual, while others are saying that it is simply a trick to fool people.