Learn more about Saudi Apache ‘air tanks’ that take down Houthi militias

The Saudi Apache had a pivotal role in chasing down Houthi rebels on the southern borders throughout the Decisive Storm operation

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The Saudi Apache had a pivotal role in chasing down Houthi rebels on the southern borders throughout the Decisive Storm operation led by Saudi Arabia and the Arab coalition, aiming to restore legitimacy in Yemen. Saudi Arabia has around 92 AHD64 Apache helicopters.

The Apache can target more than 128 precise targets within one minute. Enemies won’t be able to spot the aircraft at night during the operation. It has the ability to hit targets with extreme precision. It reacts quickly and can attack from close range to destroy and undermine the enemy forces.

Apache helicopters are characterized as advanced armament as they are equipped with more than a hundred laser rockets that can penetrate a shield range of over 14 kilometers. They have also a 30mm caliber machine gun and in-cabin technologies to locate the target.

It is worth mentioning that Saudi Arabia Apache battalion, flown by Saudi pilots, ranks among the top in the world; they are skillful and precise, and can respond to any risk in a timely manner due to the intensive training inside and outside the Saudi Kingdom.

The cost of the Apache is 100 million US Dollars.

The Apache uses several types of weapons, namely:

Hellfire missiles

The main objective of the Apache helicopters during confrontations is to target tanks and armored vehicles. In order to achieve such, they are provided with sophisticated missile launch systems called Hellfire missiles which have the ability to penetrate and destroy armor. Each missile has its own computer system that helps in directing it towards the target.

Hellfire trigger system

These missiles were designed to be guided by lasers beams; the pilot in charge of the artillery will initiate a laser beam toward the target on the ground, in the form of intermittent pulses that are actually encrypted signals.

Launching Hellfire missiles

Before the launch of the missile, the computer transmits these signals to the missiles and saves them in the computer’s memory; that way the missile would only respond to these transmitted signals. Through its optical sensor, the missile tracks the optical signals reflected from the pulses laser beam on the target. The missile’s computer calculates the distance between it and the target to determine its precise path to reach the target.

Missiles and machine guns

Instead of the hellfire missiles, two other types of missiles can be used sometimes. They are called the 2.75inch aerial missiles; they can be fired one after the other or simultaneously.

Stealth system

The Apache is equipped with a stealth system against thermal missiles; it reduces the heat emission resulting from the engine, using a cooling air flow technique. Moreover, it has a device that launches red rays at different frequencies to mislead thermal tracking devices used by thermal missiles.

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