U.S. pop star Jennifer Lopez slammed for ‘Booty’ music video

Social media users slammed the raunchy music videos’ ‘porn-like’ visuals and depiction of smoking

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“Booty,” the raunchy music video of U.S. pop star Jennifer Lopez and Australian hip-hop artist Iggy Azalea has stirred controversy on social media for its depictions of smoking and content seen as close to “soft porn.”

In the four minute video, Lopez, 45, and Azalea, 24, can be seen shaking and at times rubbing their buttocks against each other - sometimes with the help of water - while the chorus “Big, big booty... What you got a big booty” repeats.

“Everything about the JLo/Iggy "Booty" video is incredible except for JLo smoking a cig. Is this 1990? Has lung cancer been cured?” wrote one user of social media website Twitter.

“[The] music industry is really dead if this is what it takes to sell albums these days,” wrote a Twitter user.

“Booty by Jennifer Lopez ft iggy is nothing but them making a porn,” wrote another, while one said: “I'd feel less dirty watching porn.”


Although reviews by media outlets were generally positive, many noted its “objectification” of women.

“The interchangeability of the women renders the bodies as objects,” wrote a reviewer for music site Hitflix.

“J-LO is 45… she probably thought she'd be settling down writing ballads by now… but no, here she is grinding on Iggy Azalea and being slapped with a load of water for no reason,” a review on the website of UK newspaper The Independent said.

“We’re in an age, god help us, when booties should mean something, where mere objectification is no longer adequate,” a review in U.S. current affairs site The Daily Beast said.

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